24 September 2019

Children's Room Inspiration

Bunks and loft beds serve a great purpose, but when you don't have the space, your child is not old enough to cope with the practicalities or you simply want to be able to snuggle in for story time while they'll still let you, then a raised bed is a wonderful solution. It fulfils the all important need for smart storage in a childs bedroom, but also adds a sense of excitement being a little higher off the ground. Perhaps you'll install a fun way of getting them to their mattress. 
There are many ways to incorporate this style in a space, and it can work whether your home is vintage, classic or minimal as you can see from these gorgeous rooms. 

Miia and Wiilem Bolderen 

 Coach Decor

2 June 2019

The beauty is in the details. It really is.

Using my hands to create is something I've always been drawn to, both personally and professionally. It makes me truly happy and keeps me grounded in a way.

I wanted to find something wonderful to offer you at alfie + june so you had the chance to enjoy it too and I believe I did with these wonderful kits.

Something beautiful for those of us who love to use our hands while still keeping busy. These are perfect for beginners and advanced. Creating, stitch by stitch is a wonderful way to calm the mind and step away from the frantic nature of daily life. You can complete a kit in half a day or take your time, stealing moments to yourself as you can. You will find it something you look forward to.
If you are lucky to have treasured pieces of fabric tucked away, incorporate them. The kit is perfect for personalising and once you've finished, you have a deeply personal work of art that is ready to frame and proudly display.

It is so satisfying. I hope you enjoy them.

Three styles online now at alfieandjune.com.au